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Development of innovative wind turbine installation, maintenance and transportation solutions has been the focus of Liftra for the past 20 years. With extensive experience, world class engineering and passion for a sustainable future Liftra continuously provides solutions that enable sustainable, time- and cost- efficient operations. Currently we supply our equipment to 30+ countries all over the world from our locations in Denmark, Spain, USA, China, Poland, Vietnam, Brazil and Australia. With more than 500 skilled professionals and the industry know-how, Liftra is able to reinforce the acceleration of wind turbine industry growth by providing innovative technology that supports the new generation wind turbines onshore and offshore.

At Liftra we strive to develop solutions that are both technically and economically attractive, by approaching each project with an agile mindset and readiness to conform to the specific needs of the task in question.


With our global presence we strive to push boundaries in the engineering field and set new standards that can lower the cost of green energy.

– CEO Per Fenger

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With innovative engineering Liftra has developed compact solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbine installation and maintenance. The compact size of Liftra equipment reduces CO2 emissions created during turbine installation and O&M operations like main component replacement. Liftra equipment is designed to enable easier access to remote locations and provide sustainable solutions. This is done by:

  • Increasing the lifting capacity
  • Being lighter in weight
  • Consuming less production material
  • Harvesting regenerative energy
  • Purpose


    Liftra’s purpose is to bring high quality tools and services to the wind energy sector.



    At Liftra we value relationships, diversity, agility, quality, and safety.



    Sustainability is integral part of our products. At Liftra we are passionate to do more to engineer a sustainable future.


    At Liftra we are also defined by our team. With 8 global offices and more than 500 skilled professionals we are a diverse team of innovative industry experts. Over the years we have attracted many talented employees who have been with us for decades and have supported the growth of Liftra with their passion and competences. While we have one common goal to provide quality tools and services to the wind industry, our team is also passionate to continuously engineer more innovative and sustainable solutions.



    • Liftra is established in Aalborg Denmark with focus on engineering consultations within lifting and transportation solutions.

    • Liftra starts it first project: Main Shaft Fixture

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    • Liftra shifts its focus to providing wind energy industry with quality lifting and transportation solutions.

    • Liftra launches LT532 tower stacking frames


    • Liftra launches LT5008 blade stacking frames

    • Liftra launches first LT1600 blade yoke – Blade Hawk

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    • Liftra establishes offices in Spain and China

    • Liftra receives first patent LT532 Tower Stacking Frames


    • Liftra Establishes office in United States

    • Liftra Launches LT975 Blade Dragon

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    • Liftra Launches LT1000 Self-Hoisting Crane


    • Launch of LT1650 Blade Eagle

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    • Liftra opens office in Poland

    • Award for EY Entrepreneur of the year


    • Launch of the LT1200 LSHC

    • Launch of LT1104 Blade Skylark

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    • Liftra’s LT5061 Blade Eagle Installs the World’s biggest blade


    • Development of LT1500 Installation Crane

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    • LT1200 SHC – Goes offshore

    • Liftra opens offices in Australia and Vietnam

    • Liftra receives Borsens Sustainability case award

    • Liftra announces collaboration with BMS Heavy cranes


    • Launch of Liftra Brazil

    • Liftra announces collaboration with DEME Offshore


    In 2003 Liftra was founded in Aalborg, Denmark, by two Danish engineers Per Eske Fenger and Jens Mortensen with focus on engineering consultations for transportation and lifting solutions in the wind energy industry. The first couple of years Liftra team consisted of approximately 5 engineers and a couple of engineering interns from Aalborg University.

    As Liftra grew it became clear that Liftra was not just an engineering consultancy company. Liftra wanted to be a solutions provider with a goal to challenge the common practices and develop innovative solutions for installation and maintenance of onshore and offshore wind turbines. In 2005 Liftra shifted its focus and became lifting and transportation solutions provider for the wind energy industry and launched its very first own design equipment -Tower Stacking Frames.

    After the release of Liftra’s first own design equipment Liftra entered a development phase with a key focus on designing innovative high-quality lifting and transportation equipment. During this phase Liftra expanded and became a global corporation opening offices in Spain, China and US. From 2011 to 2021 Liftra was granted development funding from institutions such as H2020 (EU), EUDP and The Market Development Fund. In 2013 Liftra introduced the wind industry with its very first Self-Hoisting Crane technology which then became the most demanded Liftra equipment. For the next decade Liftra continued its expansion opening offices in Poland, Australia and Vietnam while continuously providing the wind industry with quality wind turbine installation and maintenance solutions.

    In 2023 Liftra marked its 20th anniversary within the wind industry celebrating 25 patents and pending patents on Liftra technology, 8 global offices and more than 500 employees. Here at Liftra we are proud to say we have successfully carried out more than 1000 development projects, conducted 1000+ major component replacements and installed just as many blades with the Liftra blade yoke technology. After the 20-year anniversary Liftra plans to continue its growth and contribution towards transition to a more sustainable and green energy focused world.