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At Liftra, we make advanced equipment that requires special training of the technicians who operate them. We can train your technicians, or you can choose to utilize one of our teams, which are available for operating our equipment worldwide.

Let our technology do the job
– You decide the set-up

Liftra has a flexible approach to ownership and operations, and we support several options:

• Full ownership and operation
• Full ownership and external crew
• Full ownership for service contracting
• Interface ownership (For Crane base system)
• Rental (Available for selected products)

Authorized Service Providers
We offer a training module that qualifies service technicians for safe and consistent operation of the crane system or other Liftra products. The module consists of a 3-week classroom training accompanied by practical field training.

The following companies have completed our training module and have been certified for use of the Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane: